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Jae Haggard ~ WE&S Administrator. Publisher and Editor.

Bridget Dorward ~ WE&S Co-administrator

Kim Rivers ~ Tech support & WE&S Board of Directors

Harvest ~ DVD and CD Duplication & Distribution. Videographer and Editor

Jessey Ina-Lee ~ Videographer and Editor

Landyke Documentary Media Project & Offers

      The Media Project is closely associated with the Library & Archives. Our mission is to record, preserve and share the stories of Lesbians, Lesbian lands and lives. We offer, essentially at cost, a range of CDs, DVDs, books and periodicals produced by us or given to us to distribute. We have the facilities, equipment and software to produce, edit, duplicate and distribute materials in print, cassette, CD and DVD formats. We can work with you on your projects. You are welcome to use our equipment.
     Materials we distribute. To cover expenses, suggested price is $10 each ppd. It is most important to us that you have access to materials, so simply contribute as generously as your resources allow. If you can send more it is ever so helpful.

Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc ~ Projects Overview

     The Landyke & Lesbian Documentary Media Project gathers existing materials that document Lesbians on Land, interviews and records Landyke lives and stories, edits and distributes DVDs and other materials that portray our lives, and archives all source and edited materials. Jessey Ina Lee has already produced 9 wonderful DVDs, 8 on Alapine Village with more in process. Harvest has produced 3 slideshow DVDs of Lesbian lands and has offered to produce a DVD of your land. 
     WE&S sponsors several educational, media, construction, and helping-hand Projects that address the needs of Land Lesbians and Lesbian Lands. We invite and encourage you to work with us on any Project that tickles your passion. Your energy and ideas will add momentum to these great Projects.
     We also invite you to participate in our Workshops and use our equipment, facilities and services.
     And, we invite you to donate materials, tools, equipment, money or other resources to make it more possible for us to serve our community. Do Consider joining with us to make a difference in wimmin's lives and possibilities. We are all volunteers. We’d love to work with you!

We encourage you to offer regular pledges and to remember our work in your wills.

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Heartfull Giving Fund  ~
Landyke Documentary Media Project  ~

Landyke & Lesbian Library & Archives ~
 Lesbian Land Preservation Project ~
Maize, A Lesbian Country Magazine
New Mexico Women’s Guest Houses & Retreat at Outland ~
Lesbian Affordable & Accessible Housing Project ~ to come
Outland has donated space for the office and production studio for all WE&S Projects.

     Our beloved Maizeis the primary communication vehicle among lands and wimmin with an Earth connection or an interest in Lesbian community. Published each Equinox and Solstice, Maize records our lives and culture.

      Landyke & Lesbian Library & Archives. Expected donations will multiply the thousands of books and periodicals we already have. Plans and fund-raising are in process to eventually construct a Library, Archives & Media Center building at Outland. Your support appreciated!

      What will happen to our lands when we die or can no longer care for them ourselves? The Lesbian & Women’s Land Preservation Project (LLPP) overall mission is to help women on land gain clarity about what we want to happen with our lands and then to help us find the tools and resources to make specific provisions for the perpetuity and preservation of our lands. Contact Jae to discuss how WE&S can help preserve your land or accept your land as a bequest. ~ See  Extensive article in Maize #96 ~

     Lesbian Land Affordable & Accessible Housing Project & Women Build Our Own Homes. Environmentally friendly, green and non-toxic housing on land is a critical need. We also need the skills and concepts to build low-cost, easily maintained, beautiful structures that can be built with limited resources, skills and help. 

     Our extensive series of Frame and Adobe House Building Workshops at Outland create wonderful opportunities for expansion, transformation, personal growth and skill development. Outland also hosts and helps subsidize the Adobe and other Building Workshops that we sponsor, doing most of the organization as well as providing housing, food and a range of activities to expand women’s lives and possibilities.
     The New Mexico Women’s Guest Houses & Retreat supports the land, as well as the WE&S Projects housed and sponsored at Outland. We invite you to stay with us and to support our efforts. Details at

     The HeartFull Giving Fund collects money and other resources to pass on to Land, Maize and other Lesbians needing assistance. Donations to WE&S, Inc. are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Each dollar you donate makes such a tremendous difference. We have distributed several thousand dollars donated for Lesbians listed each issue in Our Healing Circle, and others. We distributed $9000 from the Labrys Project to Lesbian survivors of childhood sexual abuse to help them with immediate needs. We served as the umbrella for over $10,000 raised for the Deb Mensinger Liver Fund as well as serving as the umbrella for thousands to Julia Penelope and to Brey & Kali during the huge fire that forced their evacuation. And, hundreds to others.

     The Earth Friendly Energy for Women Project, initiated by Dianne Dyke, will gather information and resources that address alternative low-cost possibilities for land wimmin. Dianne passed before she could do much with this great idea. Do you want to organize?

     Still in its visionary phase, the Landyke & Lesbian Creative & Expressive Arts Project, will provide a range of studios, spaces and opportunities for craft and artistic expression, performance and display.

     Lesbian Memorial Gardens. We are creating memorial areas at Outland for Lesbians who wish their ashes to rest with the land. In addition to a marker, perennial flowers, bushes or trees will be planted to honor each womon. We are so honored that Julia Penelope has made arrangements for her ashes to be at home at Outland. We are equally honored that some of Fran Day’s ashes were brought to Outland last summer and sprinkled in a Fran Day Memorial Garden Bed. Several other Lesbians are  making similar arrangements. Contact us if you would like us to honor you or a Lesbian you love.


Wonderful DVD Interviews by Jessey Ina-Lee

~ Incredible Jess has 9 inspiring full-length documentaries. These are must-haves for every Lesbian’s library. The first 8 are residents of Alapine Village, AL. Photos at Alapine website.  Link: 

Emily Greene is a former resident of the Pagoda in Florida. In this video, she tells how she found the wimmin of that community and speaks of life with the wimmin there. When some wimmin from the Pagoda settled at Alapine, Emily joined them and lived there until moving to Massachusetts. Emily’s enthusiasm and love of community is ever-present as she takes a realistic look at the effort involved in living in and maintaining a community.

Fayann and Morgana – two founders of the Alapine community tell the story of how they found the land for and built the community. They speak candidly of the struggles involved in creating and maintaining an intentional Lesbiancommunity. Their amazing journey is awe-inspiring.

Jean Adelle. Jean relates joyful childhood memories and her experiences as a wife and mom. Her story continues as she becomes involved with her first romantic relationship with a womon and eventually finds her partner of many years. Jean is exuberant and upbeat and her positive attitude makes this video a pleasure to watch.

 *  Pat Nolan is a full-time Alapine resident. Her interview is an interesting story of her life journey, her political activism and her struggle with body image. This video contains many delightful pictures of the Pagoda, of Alapine residents, and of Pat in her various dramatic outfits.

 *  Winnie Adams was one of the few women graduates of Wharton at the time. She tells of the struggles of wimmin who were working in “men’s jobs” in the 70’s. Winnie’s story depicts her passage through sexism and homophobia to become a landyke, living in the Alapine community.

*   Linnea Almgren – A potter and part-time resident of Alapine, Linnea talks of her experiences living in community for much of her life. She shares her philosophies about community, art and life in this appealing interview in which she is surrounded by her art in her home at Alapine.

*   Mary Alice Stout and Ellen Spangler are full-time residents of Alapine and live in a berm (earth sheltered) home which they built themselves. The interview contains a good deal of fascinating information about their home-building quest. In this charming video, Mary Alice and Ellen share the story of how they met, became partners and eventually built their home together.

 *  Ann Marevis spent a number of years in Morocco and this video tells how she got there and eventually returned to the U.S. Her story also includes coming out and finding her home at Alapine where she was a full-time resident until her death.

*   Kate Swift and her partner, Casey Miller, wrote Words and Women and The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing in the 1970’s. In this interview, Kate tells of the controversy caused by the publication of these books (which advocate the use of non-gender pronouns). Her reminiscence of her experiences as a feminist writer in the 1970’s and her personal journey into feminism is an interesting look into the life of this 80-some-year-old Lesbian writer.

Landyke DVDs from Harvest

~ Harvest offers 2 really delightful photo journal DVDs of SuBAMUH and Sugarloaf. They are beautifully done. I encourage you to add them to your library and take her up on her offer to make DVDs of your land and life. Thanks for this generous offer, Harvest! Harvest says, “Selling these to help pay for trips to wemoon’s lands to document them.” $5-15 ppd (what you can). 304-283-7373. 22 No Name Lane, Kearneysville, WV  25430.
Travels with Harvest ~ Summer Solstice at SuBAMUH, June 21, 2010. 50-photo, 2-minute DVD to tell a story of SuBAMUH Womyns Land in Ohio.

Travels With Harvest ~ Sugarloaf Women’s Village ~ April 2010. In Memory of Blue Lunden & Barbara Deming. 40-photo 2-minute DVD. I celebrate the beauty and strength of the land!! And, honor the memory of some of the wemoons who lived there and worked to preserve and care for the land!!

      I will also make DVDs of your photos. I can compile photos and put them on a DVD for cost of making the DVD. Since some of us do not have access to photo centers or technology, I offer this in the interest of preserving or archiving photos of us and our lives. We’ll also put them in the Landyke Library & Archives at Outland. Send your photos of you, friends, land and animals snail mail or on a memory stick.
     Also, from my small collection I am offering DVDs for viewing, so write to me and I can loan you one for about 3 weeks for a donation of $1 for postage. Not for sale.

Galaxia Records, CDs & DVDs

~ From Linda Lachman, Janet Field, performers, and the Lesbian Documentary Media Project. Founded in 1978, Galaxia Women Enterprises was dedicated to the promotion of present and future women's culture. As they said, “We wish to support the energy and talents of women so that they may be shared by all. Lilith was the first record we produced. We distributed records produced by other women who asked us to do so (Betsy Rose, Cathy Winter, Ova, Gayle) until we ran out of funds.”

    Materials we distribute through the Media Project. Suggested price is $10 each ppd to cover expenses. It is most important to us that you have access to materials, so simply contribute as generously as your resources allow. If you can send more it is ever so helpful. Do not let money stop your ordering any Media Project materials.
Women's Orchestral Works. Performed by the New England Women's Symphony: Kay Gardner, Musical Director, Conducted by Antonia Brico, Miriam Barndt-Webb, Kay Gardner and Jean Lamon. Founded in 1978 to promote the composition, performance and public appreciation of music written and performed by women. Album include works of Grimani, Kolb, Van De Vate and Tailleferre.

 *  Boston Ride: Lilith, All women rock band of 7 talented individuals. From swing to soul or disco to rock 'n' roll they create dynamic energy. Founded in 1972 by guitarist Beth Caurant and including Lou Crimmins, Lead Vocals; Marianne Pontoppidan, Saxophone; Jannis Warner, Lead Vocals; Laurel "sticks" Blanchard, Drums/Percussion; Peg Brewer, Keyboards; and Deborah Campbell, Fender Bass.

 *  Closet Sale. Maxine Feldman. Maxine was an out-front Lesbian feminist for over 10 years before Closet Sale was produced in 1979. She sang with pride what others were only whispering. Her wide-ranging voice gives a unique gutsy flavor to the traditional folk music-of-the-people, but you'll also find yourself tapping your feet to a touch of jazz, honky-tonk and rock 'n roll, while you're rolling in the aisles at her cheerful irreverence and marveling at her powerful insight.

 *  Side By Side, Reenactments of Scenes From Women's History 1848-1920, Linda Lachman. Galaxia Women Enterprises felt it was important to make women's heritage more accessible and thus produced this album. The narrative on this album is a summary of the progression of important events and strategies of the suffrage movement in the US. We have attempted to present this period in women's history in a more thorough manner by combining the narrative with actual speeches of that time. We hope in this way that the similarities between that struggle and our own can be understood. It is possible to learn from the magnificent women of our past as well as to be proud of their accomplishments, and then to continue our fight in the light of that knowledge and pride.

Are You Girls Traveling Alone? Thanks to Irene Wiess, we have copies of Marilyn Murphy’s outstanding book. This collection of articles from Lesbian News in LA was a cornerstone as our Lesbian Feminist Movement unfolded. This belongs in every library!

* Lesbian Ethics, journal of separatist and radical Lesbian analysis. Each thought-inspiring issue had a theme, some more fully on the theme than others. Gift from Foxx, the Editor. Vol 2 #3, Sex; 3 #1 Magic; 3 #2 Separatism; 3 #3 Humor; 4 #1 Parthenogenesis; 4 #3 Daughter Rape; 5 #1 Lesbian 8à Community; 5 #2 Our Mothers; 5 #3 Radical Healing; Photocopies of most out of print issues possible for $5 each.

Lesbian Insider, Insighter, Inciter. Wonderful radical newspaper published in Minneapolis in the early 80’s. Photocopying of out of print issues possible for $5 each.

Maize, A Lesbian Country Magazine. Our own dear Maize that we all know and love. What timeless treasures. All back issues available. #1-111.

*  Jae Haggard. Country Dyke Songs, CD. The Wimmin of Our Dreams, book, 1990’s land-published expressions of Lesbian land life/culture/possibilities in oh-so-typical Jae style and perspective. CD is available now. I hope to have book reproduced again soon.

New Books from Woman, Earth & Spirit
*  Marilyn Murphy. Marilyn Revisited. Newly out collection of more of Marilyn’s brilliant writings. Available thanks to Irene Wiess and published by Woman, Earth and Spirit.           

*  Rebecca Hinton.  The Oh My God THE POWER WENT OFF Book. The very best resource for anyone wanting to prepare to be self-sufficient in any kind of power outage. Lists to make, thoughtful advice, adapt to your own situation.

     Once again, for materials we distribute. Suggested price is $10 each ppd to cover expenses. $6 and no additional postage for each book, CD or DVD after the first. Since it is most important to us that you have access to materials, simply contribute as generously as your resources allow. If you can send more, it is ever so helpful.